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Go Organic @ 3677

Vegiorganic offering special Organic Grocery Combo Pack at affordable Rs. 3677/ The actual price of this combo is Rs. 4903/-

Our objective : We want every one to use Organic ingredients for there Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for there healthy life style

Consumers can choose or make there own combo pack with 25% discount by going to our Quick Cart for purchase above Rs. 3500/

In Go to Organic Combo Offer you get full monthly Grocery (Approximate qty for 4 person)

Qty is based on average consumption of a family with 4 person, it may change with person/ family to person/family

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Go Organic @ 3677

Go Organic Offer

NTM Natural Brown Eggs

NTM Natural Healthy Eggs Without Antibiotics

Our Healthy Eggs benefits are

  1. No Antibiotics
  2. No Growth Promoter & Artificial Hormones
  3. 100% Vegetarian Feed
  4. The egg contains more Protein
  5. Our breed is Hy-Line Brown which is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer
  6. Our product interior egg  quality is one of the best in the market
  7. We use regular grains and oil cake in  feed & do not use any chemical, hormones or antibiotics in feed
  8. We use probiotics & herbal powders to keep the health of our birds
  9. More Vitamin B12 4.93 ꙡg
  10. Online Order & Delivery DetailsProduct can be delivered at present only in Thane City
    Delivery Day is only Saturday Morning
    All orders all delivered only on Saturday Morning
    Consumers can Buy these Eggs in pack of multiple of 6
    For monthly requirement Membership is available with 15% discount
    Normal discount is 10% for details click MEMBERSHIP
    For details send mail to
    In monthly membership customer can get No of eggs packs multiple of 6 on every Saturday with 15% discount , Payment to be made either against delivery or at the end of the month
  11. Eggs farm is located at Bellary Karnataka
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NTM Natural Brown Eggs

75.00 67.50